Elliott Group joined in a Joint Venture with GEM Group to form GEM Elliott Construction Ltd

This project consisted of the construction of a new 75 Bed Ward Block as an extension on to the existing live acute University Hospital Galway. All works that interfaced with the hospital were carried out under method statement and work permits. There were over 200 method statements issued on this project. We used an LOD 350 BIM model to coordinate the services even though it was not a contractual requirement. All M&E systems were agreed via technical submittal process. Workshops were held on all critical systems with the hospital maintenance and end user staff. Technical submitted on all packages on the project in order to ensure compliance with the works requirements. NVM limited have provided the environmental and occupational monitoring instrumentation to the Elliott Group, to allow the monitoring of continuous environmental noise, vibration and air quality for the construction project and are assisting with the Live Web Portal data monitoring platform to ensure all parties are capable of reviewing the data from the monitoring instrumentation.