Vws-2100 Embedment Strain Gauge

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Particularly suitable for the long-term monitoring of concrete structures.

Consists of two end flanges with a tensioned steel wire between them. As concrete undergoes strain, the end blocks will move and the tension in the wire changes. A vibrating wire readout generates voltage pulses in the magnet/coil at the centre of the gauge and measures the resonant frequency of vibration.


Driven and bored piles
Tunnels and deep excavations
Concrete Dams
Mass concrete pours
Building foundations
Retaining Walls


  • Reliable long-term performance and accuracy
  • Rugged, suitable for demanding environments
  • Not affected by long cable lengths
  • Suitable for direct embedment in concrete
  • Output resistant to electrical noise
  • Thermally aged to minimise long term drift & calibration changes