Vws-2020 Spot Weld Strain Gauge

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Designed primarily to measure strains on the surface of steel structures.

Consists of two end blocks with a tensioned steel wire between. As the surface undergoes strain the blocks move changing tension in the wire. A VW readout generates voltage pulses and measures the resonant frequency of vibration.

Available in two versions:

Gauge with integral coil housing
Gauge only with separate coil housing


Struts and support systems
Bridges & Dams; Buildings
Tunnel linings
Piles & Mass Concrete


  • Small – can be used in confined spaces
  • Easily tensioned on site
  • Reliable long-term performance
  • Rugged, suitable for demanding environments
  • Insensitive to long cable lengths.
  • Suitable for remote reading and data logging
  • Attached by spot welding