The SV 200 is a unique noise monitoring terminal (NMT) which includes in single portable housing: outdoor microphone, sound level meter & analyser, advanced logger, integrating controller and communication systems.

Using themost recent and State of the Art technological achievements, the design of high integration outdoor system became available. In practise this means that system can be easily transported and installed by one person in field.

SV 200 is an ideal choice for unattended permanent and short period environmental noise measurements together with weather conditions monitoring. Instrument can be used for community and airport noise monitoring in the same time. The architecture of the system allow easy communication, data download and configuration of the system using PC or any mobile device which has network (internet) access to SV 200 and web browser. Instrument meets type 1 requirements of IEC 61672 standard. NMT provides broad band results with all required weighting filters, 1/1 octave & 1/3 octave spectra with complete statistical analysis.

Instrument can be easily calibrated in field using acoustic calibrator. Built-in electrostatic actuator can be activated remotely or periodically in automated mode for self-test. It is important functionality in permanent installations. SV 200 offers great logging capability which includes time history of broad band results and spectra with two selectable logging steps down to 2 milliseconds like also audio records on trigger. Data are stored on μSD card and can be transferred on demand or in automatic mode to FTP server or any PC.

SvanPC++ and SvanPC++_RC software provides advanced modes of communication, files download, data visualisation and measurement results exporting. SvanPC++_EM environmental monitoring software is dedicated for measurement data management, advanced data processing, analysis, visualisation and reporting.

Thanks to robust casing, protection against overheating & humidity condensation, built-in rechargeable battery, this instrument is excellent for permanent installation in all environmental conditions.