Sutron Well Cap

Versatile Groundwater Telemetry System

Sutron’s Groundwater Well Cap leverages the power and reliability of the X-Link logger family to deliver a cost-effective, self-contained package to monitor groundwater.

  • RS-232, Satellite, Radio
  • Turnkey transmission of data from groundwater sensors via Wifi, Cellular, and Iridium Satellite
  • SDI-12, 4-20mA


Sutron’s Well Cap Groundwater Monitoring Station makes it easy to automate measurement of groundwater wells. The cap has the following advantages:

  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Capable of measuring sensors over SDI-12, 4-20ma, and RS485
  • Low power with integrated 7 Ahr battery for long term reliable operation
  • Optional cell modem and dataplans
  • Optional Iridium modem and dataplans
  • Optional solar panels to reduce battery servicing intervals
  • Mounts on NPS 2 (2.375”, 60.33mm OD), 3 (3.5”, 88.9mm OD) or 4 (4.5”, 114.3mm OD) pipe
  •  1/4 hasp for customer provided lock
  •  Built-in Sutron X-Link logger/transmitter
  •  IP67 housing for battery/electronics/antenna with screwless access.
  •  Powder coated cast aluminum construction with ABS plastic dome.
  •  Hinged design provides access to sensors without opening electronics compartment
  •  Sensor hanger plate with room to insert electronic tapes or other calibration devices.
  •  Concealed bolts to fasten the cap to the well casing.
  •  Compatible with a variety of sensors with SDI-12 or analog output.
  •  Optional solar panel for continuous operation
  •  DIMENSIONS Diameter: 8” max (20.32cm) Height: 12” (30.48cm) Weight: : 6.7 lb including battery & logger (3.04kg)


Sutron Wellcap Presentation
Sutron Wellcap Quick Start Guide
Sutron Wellcap Product Sheet