Surge Arrester

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Used to divert transients to ground, increasing installed system reliability.

Wiring, particularly long horizontal wiring, can convert transient electrical fields to destructive voltages at sensors and data logger terminals.

The ELLP4501 transient protector is a multi-stage device which is capable of protecting against high speed (100 volts per microsecond) transients of up to 20,000 amps, letting only 77 volts through before clamping to 4 volts.


  • Protects against high-speed transients of up to 20,000 amps
  • Low resistance in dormant state
  • Self re-setting for uninterrupted operation after transient completed
  • Compatible with most devices, including VW sensors, data loggers, 4-20 mA transmitters and other DC-powered sensors*
  • Compact user-friendly devices
  • *For continuously powered DC devices, a fuse in series with the DC supply is recommended