Rod Extensometers – Geo-Xb

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The GEO-XB™ rod type extensometer range is used to measure and locate settlement, displacement and deformation in soil and rock.

It consists of a reference head and one or more in-hole anchors each of which is placed at a known depth and connected to the reference head by either a rigid or flexible rods running inside sleeves which keep the rods de-bonded from the grout.

As the soil or rock deforms the anchors? positions change and the relative movement can be measured in the reference head.

The magnitude, distribution, rate and acceleration of deformation can be accurately measured at the reference head.

The GEO-XB rod type extensometer range is available in a wide range of reference heads, anchors, rods and measuring sensors.


  • Quick & easy to install in uphole applications
  • Easy access & adjustment to sensors
  • Mechanical & electrical combination possible
  • Integral grout holes in head make grouting easy
  • Accurate & reliable