Rain Gauge WTB100

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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge with Bounce-Free Reed Contact

Tipping bucket rain gauge with bounce-free reed contact
  • Rain/precipitation quantity
  • Tipping bucket with bounce-free reed contact (normally closed)
  • Resolution can be switched from 0.2 to 0.5 with reduction ring, connectable to any WS-sensor without precipitation measurement
  • Impulse output (reed contact)
  • 8353.10


  • Easy to use tipping bucket rain sensor
  • Connectable to any WS sensor without integrated rain measurement
  • Resolution and intensity can be switched by reduction ring

Examples Of use

The robust and easy to use tipping bucket rain gauge WTB100 is designed for professional meteorological applications. It delivers reliable data and fits perfect to the following applications:

Examples of use:

  • Weather observation for road and traffic control systems
  • PV-Monitoring / Solar Monitoring on photovoltaic farms
  • Hydro-meteorological stations
  • Weather observation for building automation


Brochure – Lufft – Weather Critical Operations (EN)
Traffic weather, renewable energies and more
Manual – Lufft WSxxx weather sensor (EN)


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Technical Data

Dimensions Ø165mm, height 285mm
Connection type Open cable ends
Collecting area 200cm²
Weight 930g
Mounting type On mast, Ø 60-76mm
Accuracy ±2%
Resolution 0.2
Maximum intensity 144mm/h
Precipitation (with reduction ring)
Accuracy ±2%
Resolution 0.5
Maximum intensity 360mm/h

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