pH Sensor

The Hydrolab pH sensor uses a glass bulb measuring electrode and refillable reference electrode.

There are two versions available:

  • pH with standard reference uses a separate measuring electrode and reference electrode, each in their own sonde port
  • pH with integrated reference combines the measuring electrode and reference into one sonde port


  • A user-rebuildable reference electrode extends the life of the pH sensor while minimizing costs because the measuring electrode does not necessarily need replacement when the reference electrode is depleted
  • The choice of standard or integrated refillable reference allows flexibility in sonde configuration
  • The pH measuring electrode hosts the optional ORP sensor


pH-mV White Paper
Video – pH Sensor Calibration – EN

Technical Data

pH Sensor
Range 0 … 14 pH units
Accuracy ±0.2 pH units*

*Within the environmental pH range of pH 4 to pH 10

Resolution 0.01 pH units

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