Passive Road Surface Temperature Sensor WST1

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Surface temperature sensor for runway and highway-temperatures

The surface temperature sensor measures runway and highway-temperatures highly precise, both on asphalt and concrete. The Surface temperature sensor WST1 works in conjunction with the intelligent active road sensor ARS31Pro and any WS weather station (except the Lufft WS100 precipitation sensor) of the Lufft UMB-Technology.
  • Road / Runway Surface Temperature
  • Temperature / NTC
  • 8160.WST1


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Technical Data

Dimensions Ø 60 mm, height 40 mm
Weight Approx. 150 g
Storage temperature -40…70 °C
Protection type IP68
Operating temperature -40…70 °C
Cable length 50 m
Principle NTC
Measuring range -40 … 70 °C
Unit °C
Accuracy ±0.3 °C (-10…+10 °C) otherwise ± 1.0 °C

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