Geo-Xm Magnetic Settlement Systems

Used typically to monitor settlement and heave in foundations, excavations, embankments and dams as well as behind retaining structures such as diaphragm walls and shessset piles. It can also be used in tunnels and shafts.

Settlement is identified by the depth/position at which settlement has occurred as well as measurement of the total amount of settlement. The GEO-XM system comprises a reed switch probe and a series of magnetic targets positioned on the outside of the flush jointed access or inclinometer tube. For soils where settlement is expected, telescopic joints or an outer corrugated pipe can be installed to de-bond the inner pipe from the surrounding grout/soil which is subject to settlement. For other ground types the magnetic target rings can just be attached directly to telescopic joint couplings.


Sheet piles
Retaining walls
Slurry walls
Tunnels & shafts

Available as:

  • GXM100 Access tube with magnetic targets (including spider type)
  • GXM100P With settlement plates
  • GXM100T With telescopic joints
  • GXM200* Inclinometer casing with magnetic targets (including spider type)
  • GXM200T* With telescopic joints
  • GXM300 Access tube & corrugated pipe with magnetic targets
  • GXM300I* Inclinometer casing & corrugated pipe with magnetic targets.
  • *System provides the option to measure both settlement & inclination