Flexi-Mux Multiplexer

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Allows a single channel of dataloggers to be sequentially connected to numerous sensors.

Each Flexi-Mux can sequentially multiplex 5 groups of 4 lines for a total of 20 lines. Internal DIP switch settings permit the multiplexing of 10 groups of 2 lines.

The Flexi-Mux is used to monitor numerous types of sensors in conjunction with a datalogger. It is compatible with most sensors including load cells, pressure transducers, vibrating wire sensors, thermistors, potentiometers and numerous other speciality sensors.


  • Unlimited connections to datalogger using cascading method
  • Slim and compact design utilises box space efficiently
  • Quick access and detachable screw terminals simplify the wiring process
  • Built-in transient protection on every line