Copper Anti-Fouling Solutions

Instrument bio-fouling is a challenge consistently faced by water quality professionals in their effort to collect accurate data. Bio-fouling not only affects data, but also significantly increases instrument maintenance costs and time spent in the field.

Copper is accepted as an inhibitor of biological growth in aqueous environments because its ions are released from their solid form and are toxic to microorganisms.

OTT Hydromet offers copper sonde guard, tape, and mesh solutions for anti-fouling.

Copper Sonde Guard

Available for the HL7, DS5 and DS5X sondes, copper sensor guards are identical to standard sensor guards, only constructed out of a copper alloy. Copper sensors guards inhibit the growth of matter that would normally adhere to the sensor guard and potentially interfere with measurements.

Copper Tape

Available in 2” and 3” widths, copper tape offers the flexibility and protection of individually wrapping each sensor. A guide outlining proper application procedures can be found above.

Copper Mesh

Copper mesh can be applied to either a standard or copper sensor guard and reduces the likelihood of matter entering and building up on sensors without creating a substrate for organisms to attach.


Copper Anti-Fouling Application Note
Copper Anti-Fouling Instruction Sheet