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  • A753 addWAVE UHF

    A753 addWAVE UHF

    A753 addWAVE Series 4 is a powerful universal data logger that provides high analog resolution, many different I/O channels, lots of memory and extreme flexibility and expandability. It is nonetheless very easy to use and install, and has maintained the low-power approach of previous generations, perfectly capable of operating off our little solar panels.

  • A850 Telemetry Gateway

    A850 Telemetry Gateway

    The A850 Telemetry Gateway is the core of every Adcon monitoring network, be it a pure GSM / GPRS network, a UHF radio network or a combination of both – it’s the A850 that knows exactly when and how to retrieve data from each RTU.
    • Base Station for Adcon Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Manages up to 1000 Adcon RTUs, easy to operate via graphical user interface, integrated uninterruptible power supply (max. 5h), 1GB data memory sufficient for 200 stations for 4 weeks, embedded Linux OS
    • Connects seamlessly into Ethernet networks
    • 2x USB; 1x 100MBit Ethernet; 1x RS-232; 1x RS-485 (to A440 Wireless Modem)
  • ADCON addVANTAGE 6.x

    ADCON addVANTAGE 6.x

    ADCON addVANTAGE 6.x

    addVANTAGE Professional is ADCON’s universal data visualization, processing and distribution platform. It is fully web based, runs on a fast and reliable PostgreSQL database engine, and is fully scalable from a single user version for 5 RTU’s to a super server, serving thousands of clients and thousands of RTU’s.



    ADCON new ultra low power RTU A760, A765 and A764

    The ADCON SERIES 6 RTU is the new generation of remote-controlled, ultra low-power dataloggers for agricultural, meteorological and hydrological applications at a competitive price.

    The series differentiates from its predecessors by a self-monitoring battery, a larger memory for up to 2 million values and wireless communication via Bluetooth.

    Further advantages are the data encryption option to ensure data safety, the convenient firmware update over the air as well as the future-proof design for integration in IoT networks and existing state-of-the-art communication technologies.

    The ADCON SERIES 6 RTU is available as 2G/3G or 4G/LTE version and is equipped with a fast 32-bit-CPU.

    • Compact data logger with integrated cell modem
    • ultra-low-power design; large integrated memory; IP-67/IP-65; WMO-compliant weather recording; Bluetooth; Firmware update over the air feature (FOTA )
    • 2G/3G or 4G/LTE
    • A764: 12x analog in (0 … 2,5 VDC); 4x pulse counter 4x digital in/out (0 … 3 V TTL); 40x SDI-12 values; Analog resolution: 16-Bit @ 0 … 2,5 V
  • RG1 Rain Gauge, 200cm², 0.2mm

    RG1 Rain Gauge, 200cm², 0.2mm


    The Adcon RG1 was designed as a universal rain gauge, that meets the need of most applications. This gauge is built to last, in agriculture as well as in hydrographical or meteorological applications and in rough environments.