OTT Thalimedes Shaft Encoder

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The OTT Thalimedes float-operated shaft encoder level sensor and logger provides proven water level measurements in continuous, unattended monitoring in ground and surface water applications. The Thalimedes is a very low cost solution for new measuring sites and is extremely easy to connect to existing paper chart recorders, making a digital upgrade simple and cost-effective.

  • Surface water, Groundwater
  • Float-operated Shaft Encoder
  • Water level
  • Measures and stores water level data
  • ± 199.99 m, or ± 19.999 m
  • ± 0.002 m, ± 1 Digit
  • Yes


  • Easily mounts into a 4, 5 or 6-inch pipe with optional pipe mount kit
  • Integral data logger stores up to 30,000 measured values, with sampling and logging intervals that can be preset from 1 minute to 24 hours for maximum flexibility
  • Motion-activated LCD displays level value, time, date and battery status
  • Autonomous, low maintenance operation for up to 15 months with a single C-cell battery that’s easy to replace – no tools needed
  • Remote communications via SDI-12
  • RS-232 interface enables data transmission via land line or cellular modem, radio or satellite
  • Infrared technology allows wireless, cable-free data transfer locally between instrument and nearby laptop


Leaflet – Shaft encoder for depth and water level measurement OTT Thalimedes

Examples of Use

For water level measurement of:

  • Streams, rivers, channels, or canals
  • Groundwater wells
  • Reservoirs, lakes, and wetlands

Technical Data

Measurement range ± 19.999 m / ± 199.99 m
Resolution 0.001 m / 0.01 m
Accuracy  ± 0.002 m / ± 0.002 m
Electrical data
Interface RS-232, Infrared (IrDA)
Power supply 1 x 1.5 V ‘BABY’-cell (LR 14 C AM 2)
Display LCD single-line, 4 1/2 digits
Memory approx. 30,000 measurement values
Float pulley circumference 200 mm
Standard float cable 1 mm Ø, other diameters programmable
Logger housing Ø 244 mm x 47 mm
Protection class IP68
Sensor 82 mm x 82 mm x 34 mm
Protection class IP54
Weight 0.320 kg
Operation temperature -20 … +70 °C