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  • A753 addWAVE UHF

    A753 addWAVE UHF

    A753 addWAVE Series 4 is a powerful universal data logger that provides high analog resolution, many different I/O channels, lots of memory and extreme flexibility and expandability. It is nonetheless very easy to use and install, and has maintained the low-power approach of previous generations, perfectly capable of operating off our little solar panels.

  • A755 addSDI GPRS V2

    A755 addSDI GPRS V2

    The A755 addSDI GPRS RTU in its version 2 was developed to provide users of SDI-12 sensors with an inexpensive means to log and transmit up to 40 SDI-12 values of environmental data, while at the same time providing 2 pulse inputs, e.g. for water meters and rain gauges, and 2 digital TTL ports which are custom configurable either as in- or as outputs.